A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


The player will take place in the role of a young aristocrat, full of money. There will be several characters in the game will ask the player for money to invest in their businesses with varying degrees of sympathy.

The player has a limited amount of money to help these characters, so the game consists in having conversations with them and figuring out who they want to help. While some characters will have more dramatic or relatable motives, others might be the ones who offer the most good overall.

In a limited amount of weeks, the player’s goal is to obtain both money and influence within the town, investing in these characters along the way.

This game was made during the whole duration of the game jam , My First Game Jam : Summer 2018

Team :

Double H - Writer, Character Creator


Yoru - Lead Programmer


shad - Assistant Programmer,  Partial Character Creator


kjwart (Katie) - Character Concept Artist


lesre - Character Concept Artist


natto - Background Artist


Kowara - Music and Sound Design



SolaceGrey-1.0-pc.zip 125 MB
SolaceGrey-1.0-mac.zip 108 MB


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Well, it was the first visual novel game I've ever played in my life, and I liked it a lot! I'm truly amazed by pictures, drawings of characters and the music here, also the story was pretty good. Guys, you did a great job here. Keep it up!


Thank you very much! :D